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每天更新 2020年8月10日

Campaign group Stop Portland Waste Incinerator (SPWI) is hoping to block the £100 million project put forward by Powerfuel Portland to build an …

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OPERATORS of North Yorkshire's enormous incinerator and waste disposal unit at Allerton are offering the public the chance to tour it on Wednesday …

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It is difficult to see the logic behind building a waste incinerator at the bottom of a very prominent valley with the topography such as ours, on the edge …

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An Incinerator has been installed at the Mechanised Laundry at Kamakhya Coaching Depot, while bio-digester plants have been installed in Guwahati …

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Incineration experiment with the solid waste of approximately 3% (w/w) SCCPs and MCCPs were carried out using the pilot-scale incinerator to …

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